After watching all of this and thinking about all of the things that have happened involving CM Punk and the WWE, it makes perfect sense why he’s now gone. Even if the reasons as to why he wanted to leave WWE then are a bit outdated they can still relate to some of his current reasons. The fact that WWE tries to shove “popular” superstars in our faces over people we actually want to see as the champion, or even the face, of the company. Let alone give us the same crap over and over to watch on television.
I can totally side with CM Punk in his reasons for leaving next to his personal health reasons. Oh, and guess what? I’m sure if Cena felt any similar in the slightest they would let him do whatever he needed to “get better” or whatever. Had the company did a better job in taking care of ALL their top stars, maybe he’d still be here and we wouldn’t have to scramble over who ELSE besides John Cena can hold the title.
But hopefully later on down the road, not any time soon, I hope he comes back. And I hope even more that WWE handle their business differently. They clearly don’t know what’s best for it anymore..